About Us

To enhance the life of our community by supporting and promoting the businesses of our community.

To actively involve all local businesses in chamber activities.
To encourage all local businesses to become members of chamber.
To enhance local business viability through social networking.
To develop business to business relationships.
To promote an excellent working relationship between civic, business, service, religious
and educational community.
To regularly highlight member businesses and community interests.
To provide resources for new and existing businesses to develop and strengthen.


1. To promote chamber
1.1. Organize a formal event to celebrate “passing of the gavel” from former president to current president.
1.2. Publish newspaper ad listing mission, vision and current members.
1.3. Organize newspaper coverage of monthly chamber highlights.

2. To promote chamber members
2.1 Create a list and profile of chamber members
a. Phone
b. E-mail
c. Webpage
d. Type of business
e. Highlights
2.2 Promote chamber member monthly through local paper and theater.
2.3 Explore methods of reaching new families in the community.

3. To increase chamber membership by 10%
3.1 Identify potential members.
3.2 Identify who will contact potential members.
3.3 Create new member packet
(Develop a member mentor program)

4. To strengthen intra club relationships (social – business)
4.1 Schedule quarterly after hours events.
4.2 Organize a social event after Halloween decorations.

5. To work with community groups to enhance common interests
5.1 Invite representatives from civic, service, religious and educational community to report on a regular basis.
5.2 Organize a summit of the civic, service, religious and educational community for the purpose of developing common goals.

Chamber Vision Committee Meeting
March 17, 2011